August 27th, 2012


WE NEED INTERNS! We want you to come work with the FOAM staff in Santa Monica, but read this post carefully: You must live in the LA area, have a strong background in graphic design or journalism (fact checking experience a plus), and be available at LEAST two days a week. Serious inquiries only…we don’t want interns who flake out after their first day! This is a coveted internship (and lots of fun), so email your resume and cover letter to now!

What’s in it for you: An incredibly valuable learning experience working with our talented and well-connected staff, the opportunity to write your own articles for and our print issue, invitations to join us on photoshoot, the chance to meet the “who’s who” in the surf and fashion industry, invitations to parties,freebies, and—if you do your job right—a priceless recommendation from our staff and editor!  It’s a LOT of work, but also a LOT of fun. 

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